Jay Holland

Jay Holland Lead Designer/Developer

Jay's interests are very eclectic. He loves learning new things, especially in the area of digital arts. He is an avid gamer who likes to "pwn some noobs with 1337 skillz in Halo." Jay's interests are not confined to the virtual world; he loves the outdoors and playing sports. He has played the drums for 9 years, and experiments with piano and guitar. Geography, religion, and current events are some of his major interests, which explains why he finds trivia entertaining. He is fascinated with anything of artistic value such as movies, music, books, paintings, photography, and architecture. Jay is still waiting for Halo 1.5.

Nathan Cowen

Nathan Cowen Developer

Nathan Cowen is an Interactive Digital Media major at Webster University. Planning to graduate this May, Nate first started working in graphics design in high school when he took a class that was a combination of computer-designed art and simple frame-by-frame animations. He hadn’t intended to continue in the field, but then he transferred to Webster and started working with a group called Laclede’s LAN, who sets up LAN parties around the St. Louis area. Nate soon became their graphics designer. In his spare time he enjoys working with student films, recording music, and doing miscellaneous design projects.

Lauren Britton

Lauren Britton Marketer

Lauren is a senior, Interactive Digital Media major. She likes long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners, and a nice glass of water. Hahaha. Good times.

Robby Clark

Robby Clark Editor

Robby Clark is an Interactive Media major at Webster University. He has a background in journalism and broadcasting and jumped at the chance to work for Involve Magazine. With a passion for technology and gaming, his income is in a constant state of emergency. You can usually find him hanging out on Xbox Live, especially when he should be doing work.  Obby want more games now! 

Kristen Aaron

Kristen Aaron Photographer

Kristen Aaron is 22 years old and was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. She moved to St. Louis in 1987ish—she doesn’t really remember the move or Cincinnati. She loves taking pictures, painting, drawing, games of all types, movies, most music, and playing pool. She also loves sailing—when she has the time. Her favorite quote is. “Friendship is like peeing in your pants; everyone can see it, but only you can feel its true warmth.”

Gregory Craft

Gregory Craft Flash Developer

Greg is into pretty much anything media related, specifically video, audio and everything on the Internet. He is studying Web Design/Development and has recently been hard at work finishing up his degree. When Greg is not at school or work he follows sports, mostly the Cardinals, watches a lot of ESPN, plays a lot of wiffle ball, and listens to a lot of music. He also likes to try and stay on top of future trends in the tech industry.

Michele Narup

Michele Narup Podcaster

Michele Narup is currently in college for a degree in animation, but has always had a passion for writing. She was involved in her school newspaper throughout high school. Her work at focuses on things she is passionate about: technology, animation, gaming, and more. The demands of her education tend to take up a lot of time, but Michele still manages to play her Xbox 360 and immerse herself in anything Potter-related.

Eddie Pritchard

Eddie Pritchard Editor

Eddie Pritchard is an aspiring media mogul. He loves all types of production, from filmmaking to web design. Currently, he's been doing a lot of radio commercial production for Clear Channel Radio. While working hard, he will be also working on a Master's Degree in Advertising and Marketing. He plans on starting his own production company at the same time as well.

Nikki Roberts

Nikki Roberts Videographer

Nikki Roberts is currently a senior at Webster University in St. Louis. She is pursuing a degree in Film Production with a certificate in Interactive Digital Media. Aside from school, Nikki spends a lot of her time producing short and feature films and working on other film crews that pass through St. Louis. In her free time, Nikki enjoys watching television and movies as well as traveling and spending time with her beagles, Tobey and Lola. After graduation, Nikki plans to move to New York City and continue producing for film and television.

Jason Woolem

Jason Woolem Podcaster

Jason Woolem is an Interactive Digital Media major at Webster University. He's also a huge fan of trying to make money online. He loves playing online poker at, under the screen name "xtremer1125." He is also an avid fan of painting miniatures, and he loves listening to a wide range of music.

Andy May

Andy May Graphics Editor

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Katie Hoyt

Katie Hoyt Videographer

Katie is currently a senior at Webster University working towards a degree in Film Production. When Katie is not at school or work she enjoys watching television and movies, working on film crews, traveling, being active, and hanging out with friends and family. Katie is very interested in producing for film and television. She has produced six short films in the past year, including three 48 Hour Film Challenge/NFC titles. One of the films, Franz Kafka: The Happiest Man in Happy Town, went on to win five awards, including Best Film at the St. Louis 48 Hour Film Challenge.

Danny Clark

Danny Clark Staff

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William Koch

William Koch Graphics Editor

William is currently a junior in college, majoring in interactive media major with a fine art minor focusing in graphic design. He loves all design, not just websites. Working long hours on a design that looks perfect is something he enjoys doing. William also dabbles in many other forms of mixed media, like painting, drawing, animation, and video. Besides doing design work, he likes to go out and explore new places and things, and, above all, dance to a lot of happy hardcore music.

Imir Imic

Imir Imic Audio Technician

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