Smelly Phone

By Nikki Roberts

On April 7, NTT Communications Corp. said that they would start testing a new type of cell phone that will allow its users to download fragrances. The testing will happen in Japan and consist of twenty participants using “Mobile Fragrance Communications.” They will be able to download scents that will be accompanied by music or video clips, according to

“The service uses a handset’s infrared port to transfer the “fragrance data” to a dedicated device similar to a plug-in air freshener that is loaded with a cartridge of base fragrances. The device then mixes them to create the chosen smell, which it then wafts out,” according to

The trials will run for ten days starting April, 19, 2008.

The same company also launched in 2005 a similar service for television, allowing people to be able to download different smells from a machine for about 73,500 yen, according to