PayPal Review

By Jason Woolem


PayPal is probably one of the most useful tools that any EBay buyer or seller has at his or her disposal. PayPal basically allows you to take money out of a bank account and transfer it to this account online that will allow you to pay for many things that you will undoubtedly purchase on EBay. The same is also true for the reverse for when you sell things, you can also take that money that you earned, and then deposit into your bank account, now there is a tiny charge when you bring money into the account that PayPal does, but it is well worth the trouble if you donít want to use credit cards over the internet.

Personally, setting up an account is very easy, and the interface inside of the actual software is very simple and easy to use. Overall, I think that the worst part of the software is that it does charge a small fee when you bring money into the account from selling something on EBay, but for the comfort and easy access to the program, it works very well. To sign up for an account, head to