Viral Video Turned Primetime

By Nathan Cowen

We Need Girlfriends (WNG) is an online web-series created by RagTag Productions. The series features eleven 5 minute episodes that can be seen on YouTube or Myspace. Steven Tsapelas created the series, which follows three friendsí lives after college.

The main characters are Tom, Rod, and Henry. Each of their girlfriends have broken up with them after college, so the three decide to room together and get their lives back on track. In eleven episodes, the guys go from being completely depressed about their current situation to moving on with their lives.

The show has a large online following, which peaked the interests of network executives. It was recently signed to CBS, and Steven Tsapelas will write the pilot episode. Currently the show has been on hold due to the recent writer strike, but rumor has it that it could be seen as early as fall of 2008.