Anime Studio 5

By Nathan Cowen

Anime Studio 5 is an animation program released by Smith Micro Graphics. Smith Micro bought the program along with Poser and Magna Studio from eFrontier in November of 2007. Anime Studio works both on Windows and Mac. It can be purchased for $49.99 or the professional version can be bought for $199.99.

Anime Studio uses a bone structure to animate characters. The user develops a skeleton and then applies their character to the skeleton like a skin. The character can then be animated using key-frames. The bone structure makes animating your character easier. Instead of having to animate several points in a limb, the bone system allows you to simply animate the bone.

Smith Micro offers a free 30-day demo of Anime Studio 5 on their website. The demo comes with tutorials that cover basic to advanced animation. While it is nice to have tutorials with the demo, it is a little frustrating. Unless you have a second monitor, it makes it hard to follow the tutorials, because the tutorials are in an HTML format so they open in another window. Overall, if you’re looking for animation software for a reasonable price, Anime Studio 5 is a great pick.