Blu-Ray Wins the Format War

By Nathan Cowen

If you are anything like the average “techie,” you know about or have at least heard of the high-def format war between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. Toshiba, the supporter of HD-DVD, announced on February 19, 2008 that they would discontinue the sales and marketing of HD-DVD players.

Yoshi Uchiyama, Group Vice President of Toshiba’s Digital A/V Marketing Group, stated, “While we continue to believe HD DVD is the best format for consumers, based on its technological advancements and the value and quality inherent in our player offerings, recent market developments have led us to the decision to choose new and different paths.”

Several factors led to the demise of HD-DVD. First, Warner Brothers Entertainment announced that they would back Sony’s Blu-Ray instead of Toshiba’s HD-DVD. Second, Wal-Mart announced that it would not sell HD-DVDs. Third, Netflix announced that they would only carry Blu-Ray products. Despite Toshiba’s attempts to increase sales by slashing prices on their product, they ultimately had to throw in the towel.