By Nikki Roberts

“No one owns the moon,” says Ron Stablehorn, V.P. of Marketing for a company called Rolling Rock, when talking about a new market strategy called “moonvertising.”

Moonvertising is basically advertising on the moon. The idea is that by aiming a “giant laser,” towards the moon while it is full, you can project an advertisement on it all night according to Ron’s presentation on The strategy is projected to be successful due to the idea that it cannot be turned off; it will reach everyone in the world, and it will be brighter than any television or neon sign in existence, thus making it noticeable to everyone easily.

Rolling Rock plans to attempt this marketing strategy for the next two full moons (April 20, and May 20) after their first unsuccessful attempt on March 21. There will also be “full moon parties,” that will occur on nights that the attempts will be made at select places around the world. These “full moon parties” are parties that happen at bars for a number of hours and can be compared to a happy hour.

There has been no known legal issues for this plan as of yet, however there are a number of people out there who find this idea and plan very intrusive. Many blogs online such as say that Rolling Rock does not plan to even try to advertise on the moon they just want people to talk about the beer.

*This is a hoax, by the way. It was all part of a huge marketing ploy put out by Rolling Rock. No device actually exists.