Camstudio Free Screen Capture Software

By Nathan Cowen

Cam Studio

If you have ever wondered how people create online video tutorials or capture video of themselves playing their favorite PC game, wonder no longer. Screen capture software allows you to record video from the content on your computer’s monitor. Several companies make software that allows you to do this—Adobe and TechSmith are just a few.

The downfall for a lot of these programs is that they cost a lot and are not completely user friendly. For example, Adobe Captivate outputs your video as a flash video, which is not editable. Camstudio is not like the rest. It is a free open source software that outputs a video file that is editable in a video suite. Camstudio allows you to record your screen with audio or you can simply type in captions over your video. Camstudio offers their free open source version and a $30 professional version. For more information go to