Visual Search Engine

By Nathan Cowen

Search Me

For the last few years Google has dominated the Internet search field. All of that could change soon. Searchme Visual is a beta search engine that gives your results in 3D. When a user submits a query, they can see each result in its own window. This allows the user to browse the site or scroll to the next result (it works a lot like cover art on the Iphone).

The nice thing about Searchme Visual is that the user does not have to download anythingójust enter the URL, enter your search, and enjoy your results. Searchme Visual is not the first company to attempt 3D on the web. Others like Browse3D or SphereXplorer offer 3D browsing as well. The main difference is that they make you download their browser in order to enjoy 3D on the web.

To test out Searchme Visual go to