HD-DVD Credit

By Nikki Roberts


So do you feel bad that you went out and bought an HD-DVD player? Well there is some good news. Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Amazon, and many other places are offering a $50 credit for every HD-DVD player bought at their store.

This offer is good until April 9, 2009 and you must prove that you bought the HD-DVD player before February 23, 2008 when Toshiba announced that it would stop making the HD-DVD players (c-net news.com).

Websites like amazon.com sent out emails regarding this matter by apologizing for the discontinuation of the product as well as informing customers about the $50 credit. And of course, Amazon is prompting their customers to use that credit to purchase a brand spanking new Blu-ray player and some blu-ray discs, according to gizmodo.com.