Google Earth 4.3

By By: Kristen Aaron

Google Earth

The recent hype about the new version of Google Earth 4.3 is really overrated. It was said that the program would be on a time lapse where you could “watch the sunrise in Fiji.” They were wrong. The only thing you can do is look down at the beach and watch it turn from day to night. The next thing that perturbed me about Google Earth was the 3D modeling. You would think that if you went into 3D mode that you would get the whole world in 3D, but they mislead us again. The only things that are 3D are major landmarks—nothing else. You would think that they would take you down to street level so you could look up at things in 3D, but nope.

There are other things about Google Earth that are great, such as the outer space feature. You can click on a button and then switch to sky view and look at constellations, planets, nebulas, galaxies, and other space objects. Me being a big astronomy buff, I love this feature. The free version is great to download, but I would not actually pay money for Google Earth.