Flash Memory Movies

By Greg Craft


The movie industry is beginning to shift their distributions to the web. Companies like NetFlix, iTunes, and Blockbuster are all turning to the Internet as their primary means of distribution. PortoMedia, an Ireland-based company specializing in communications and digital media, have produced a new means of distribution for the movie industry, and you can probably find it in your pocket, on your key chain, or maybe even around your neck.

PortoMedia has been setting up kiosks throughout Ireland that allow consumers to connect a flash memory key or hard drive and download their favorite movie as a rental or to buy. The kiosks are called MoviePoints, and will be able to hold 350 to 5,000 titles, all of which can be uploaded to a PortoMedia memory drive after you enter a PIN. Consumers can then connect the drive to their TV sets or home computer to view the movies.

MoviePoint has been tested in Dublin with plans to be released in four U.S. cities by the second quarter of 2008. Currently, PortoMedia has agreements in place with major studios allowing the rental of their movies, but will only be distributing standard definition movies to begin.