Drum Kit Table

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Music Table

Musical Furnishings, a website that sells “instruments in surprising places,” is currently selling a variety of drum tables that come with durable, interchangeable percussion inserts as part of their Musical Rumba Series.

There are currently four different table sizes to choose from. The smallest table size is 2’x2,’ followed by a 2’x4’ model, a 3’x3’ model, and a 4’x4’ model. The smallest table offers 4 modules to add percussion instruments to while the largest table offers 12 modular attachments. The modular attachments include the tambourine, snare drum, medium bongo, low bongo, high bongo, shaker, chimes, bell, cow bell, Cajon bass drum and cymbal crash.

All the tables are built by hand in Olympia, Washington by Tor Clausen. The products are shipped UPS at cost, and run anywhere from $800 to $2900. Email tor@musicalfurnishings.com or call 360-349-2827 to order a drum table. Visit musicalfurnishings.com for more information, including videos of the sets in action.