Doll House TV

By Nikki Roberts

Welcome to the future of dollhouses! Doks Emporium is the new home of the ONLY fully functional 1:12 scale TV for a dollhouse. These TVís are full color and can be hooked up to Blu-ray players, DVD players, Xbox, Xbox 360, Playstations 1-3, or anything that can be connected with RCA cables.

Bret Foster, the creator of the mini-television, showcased it at the Miniatura Dolls' House Fair at the Birmingham NEC exhibition (Yahoo India News).

"I've had a lot of jaws drop to the floor. People were amazed," Foster told Times Online.

The whole idea behind the dollhouse is to make modern dollhouses as realistic as possible. Most homes from the 80ís until the present time have more than one TV in their home.

You can purchase the mini-television online at for 99 pounds plus shipping and handling. For an extra charge you can even customize it with your name.