Call of Duty 4 New Maps

By Writer

Game developer Infinity Ward and producer Activision have recently released a new map pack for their award-winning game, Call of Duty 4. The four maps—Creek, Broadcast, Killhouse, and Chinatown—became available for a minimal 800 Microsoft points, which is the equivalent of $10. The developers’ expectations were incredibly high for this extended content. The day the maps were released (April 10) the COD4 servers were immediately overloaded and crashed for an extended period of time. Even players who didn’t purchase the maps couldn’t log on because there was a mandatory patch required for play—which nobody could get to.

Apart from the annoyance of getting the content onto the system or even getting the game to load, the maps were definitely worth the wait. They are beautiful. New strategies can be developed, new camping locations can be found (not that camping is encouraged), and new game types can be created to play with your friends. It is definitely worth going out to buy some Microsoft points in order to get this amazing addition to one of the best games of the year.