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Imagine putting in about 30 hours of work designing a website. You slowly build it, checking your browser and tweaking until your heart is content. After all this work you decide to post the site on the web so everyone can see it. A few days later you decide to show a friend your site. You launch their browser and enter your URL, only to find that your site is all jacked up. Why? Because they are using a different browser than you.

Sounds frustrating? Well, it is, and that is why the folks at have created a simple web application that will test your site in multiple browsers. Not only can you test it out in different browsers, but you can also test different versions of each browser. All you have to do is enter the web address that you want to test and they spit out screen shots of each browser.

Alas, itís not all peaches and cream. It can take quite a while for to get your results. I have noticed that during normal business hours it can take two to three hours, but around midnight I have gotten results in less than ten minutes. So remember next time you build a website, visit