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The Sit N’ Go Madness - Part 3

By Jason Woolem

Recently, the world of online poker for myself has been a little more turbulent. I have had a few more losses than wins recently, but I decided that I would try something different.

PokerStars just announced that they are doing a new promotion, entitled the “Battle of the Planets”. The “Battle of the Planets” is a Sit N Go promotion that is allowing the players who play in the Sit N Go tournaments a chance to win additional money by gaining points on where they place in a Sit N Go Tournament.

With this promotion, there is eight different “planets” or buy-in levels, and they range from $1 - $2.99 to $300 and higher. In each of the planets, there is two different “orbits” or tiers. The two different orbits are “low” and “high”. The low one is for the casual player, and it determines the points that you earn from playing in the Sit N Go tournaments, starting with your first one and going all the way to the twentieth one. After that, the cycle restarts, and then it takes the next twenty Sit N Go tournaments that you play in. With the low orbit, you are able to do this five times, because after that, you are considered to be in the high orbit, and with that it takes the Sit N Go tournaments in groups of one hundred.

With these different leaderboards, one for the low and high orbits on each planet, there is the chance to win money depending on where you place in the Top 100 of the leaderboard. Personally, for me, I have been trying to do this for two weeks now, and both times I have finished way out on the low orbit of the Mercury, the $1 - $2.99 buy-in range, and have been close on the high orbit.

With the Sit N Go tournaments, I usually play in the $1 + $0.20 No Limit Hold Em’ tournaments; the $1 goes towards the prize pool and the $0.20 goes to the house, basically like the rake at a cash game table. You start with $1500 in chips in the tournament and the blinds start out at $10-$20, and they go up every fifteen minutes.

With the Sit N Go tournaments, you can look at them as a three act play.

In the first act, when the blinds are relatively low, most people are trying to build their stacks up by trying to take risks. My opinion is that you need to play very tight, and really only trying to play very solid hands. Any pocket pair and the big Aces, such as Ace-King, Ace-Queen, Ace-Jack, and maybe Ace-10. The biggest thing that with these hands, you need to bring them in for raises, but with the weaker pocket pairs, I would call with them, and honestly, do not try and commit all of your chips very early. Honestly, the crazy plays where people go all-in on the first couple of hands pre-flop with Ace-Jack or hands like that, I would probably not call unless I had Aces or Kings.

In the second act, when it gets down to about six players is the point that you are able to kick up the aggression and start to play a lot looser. Now, it does not mean that you are not to play 9-3 offsuit, but you can start to bring in pots for raises with a lot of different hands, such as suited connectors, like 7-8 of diamonds.

In the third act, when you get down into the money, which for 9 Handed Tables is going to be three players. I would completely open up the game. This means that I would raise every time that I am on the button, no matter how many chips I have, or what hand I have. Honestly, I try and just force the other players to pick up a hand, and if they don’t then I will have more and more chips.

Overall, the strategy does play itself out sometimes, because the biggest thing with it is that it does not allow you to be that creative, and it really forces you to be locked down into an almost predetermined type of strategy. This means that with that, you can play multiple tables, because you are going to have a lot of downtime in between hands, and it will still allow you to make notes on players, and see how they are playing.

The one problem with this strategy is that you are acting like a robot, because of this predetermined strategy, and if you don’t want to be, then by all means, modify the strategy, but it has paid off for the most part. So, have fun with these strategies and try them out, and hopefully you will find me at the tables, just look for xtremer1125 on PokerStars.