The Future of Mobile Devices

Greg Craft examines what the future holds for mobile technologies.

$20 to $100 on PokerStars

Jason Woolem continues his making money online series by playing poker on Poker Stars.

HD Compression Complaints

Cable and Sattelite providers have pushed their limits on compressing HD signals, causing complaints about "HD Channels" being less than HD.

Freaky Site:

Creeped out by Asian horror films? Check out this freaky site.

Digital Packrats

Packrats have been around since the beginning of time. In the digital world, computers full of old files clutter hard drives.

Filmmaker Upsets Muslims

Geert Wilders, a Dutch right-wing politician, made the 15-minute film called Fitna, which is taken from the Qur'an.

Google and Beyond

Greg Craft examines the future of Google

Media Tech in Holland

William Koch gives an Insight Into the Culture of Media and Technology in Holland

Freaky Site: TheHumanMarvels

Way back in the day, people went to circuses and the like to see “freaks of nature.”

Freaky Site:

The dolls found here have bloody noses, are “bird people”, or have had their mouths stitched shut.


Reflecmedia, a UK-based company specializing in chroma key technology, has developed a new system that could potentially eliminate these major setbacks during green screen shoots.

The Sit N’ Go Madness - Part 3

Jason Woolem's third part in his series to make money online through poker.

Future of Video and Film

Greg Craft examines the future of the Video and Film Industry.

Wacom Tablet

Nathan Cowen reviews his newly purchased Wacom Drawing Tablet.

Feature Article: Freaky Site

By Lauren Britton

Hey, it’s Lauren. I know you’ve been waiting in anticipation…and yes, I have another freaky website for you.

Holy. Crap. What in the world were the creators of thinking when they created this site? There isn’t much to be said about the website, because not too much happens. When you visit the site, the face of an Asian woman appears in the center of the screen. Wherever you place the cursor her eyes follow. Really. Really. Creepy.

With all of the Asian horror films that are out lately, this site definitely has a scary vibe. The woman’s eyes are buggy, bloodshot, and very brown. If the user lets the cursor remain still for a while, she will look at the user and then stare blankly around the screen.

Sitting alone in your bedroom late at night with no lights on? Fantastic. Visit and let the creep-fest begin.

Until next week! I’m out.