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$20 to $100 on PokerStars – Part 2

By Jason Woolem

Okay, so in my recent adventure in trying to make money in the world of online poker, I have not been so handy with the freerolls on Full Tilt Poker.

The first thing about them is that there is only a maximum of 2700 entrants, and the fact that they are scheduled at certain times of the day meant that I would have only been able to play in one or two of them. Also, trying to get into them, because once the registration actually opens for the event, it takes about 5 minutes total for the cap to be met, and at that point during the registration, the server bogs down immensely, so it is even harder to register.


So I decided that I would take my money that I earned by working and try and make it grow by playing on PokerStars. I decided to deposit $20 on there, and see where it would go from there.

However, I did decide that I would need to set some guidelines down for me playing.

1. I only played in the cash games, no tournaments.

2. I would only play in what is considered the “micro” limits for the games that I would play. (Texas Hold Em’, Omaha, and Stud).

3. In those “micro” limits, I would start at the lowest level of all of those games and work my way up after starting to build confidence and my bankroll.

4. In the games themselves, if it was a No Limit game, I will only buy in for the minimum. If it was a Limit game, I will buy in anywhere from two to three times the minimum amount. (Ex: Minimum buy-in is $0.20, I will buy in for anywhere from $0.40 - $0.60.)

So with those guidelines in place, I decided that I would sit down at a 6 Handed Limit Hold Em’ Table. For the most part, it went well, because I decided to play very tight and close to the vest; meaning that I was only playing a small range of starting hands, but playing them very aggressively. Overall, I won about $0.40. Not a bad start.

Over the next couple days, I played a lot of Limit and No Limit Texas Hold Em, and it has worked out for the most part; making some small gains in games and then a few losses here and there. I am making more gains than losses, so that is defiantly a good sign, and by the end of a week, I was up about five dollars. Not bad for playing for pennies online.

With playing online I have learned a few things.

At the “micro” limits, there are defiantly a lot more people willing to call you down with a lot of different hands, especially in Limit Hold Em’. Knowing that they have only put a dollar or two into the game means that they will chase their inside straight draws and their runner-runner flush draws. It may seem like it is frustrating, but in the long haul, it is going to work out for the best because you will come out a winner.

Overall, I am hoping that this good luck keeps going, because I only need another $75 to reach my goal of getting to $100.